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Primary Care Physicians (PCP)

Farragut Medical and Travel Care can provide complete urgent and general care for families, as well as a full range of ambulatory medical services. Our medical care is focused in the areas of internal (adult) medicine, family practice, preventative care, physical examinations, and laboratory services.

  • Family practice: adult and pediatric care, minor surgery.
  • Women's health/Gynecology/ Pap smear with HPV DNA Screening.
  • Physical examinations: annual physicals, executive physicals, preventative health physicals, school/sports/employment physicals,  workers' compensation,  INS and immigration medical clearance, and DOT physicals
  • Procedures: limited suturing of wounds and lacerations, splinting and bracing, cryo-therapy
  • Laboratory services: strep throat, mono testing, urine analysis, rapid flu testing, urine pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including confidential HIV testing, urine drug screening, marriage blood work, and any other necessary laboratory testing
  • Adult/College Vaccines: Meningococcal (Menveo), Tetanus & Diphtheria (Td and Tdap), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR), Pneumonia, Influenza, HPV , and Herpes Zoster/Shingles(Zostavax)

We can also provide prompt referrals to specialists in the area and prescriptions for any necessary medications that might be indicated.

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Walk-ins are welcome

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Walk-ins are welcome

Travel and Deployment Physicals

Travel Immunizations

Security and medical safety advice concerning your destination

Farragut Medical and Travel Care provides on-site flu clinics. Give us a call...

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Please be advised that on-line appointment requests made after business hours and on weekends cannot not be confirmed before 10:00am on the following business day. If you have requested an appointment and have not yet received a confirmation, you are welcome to come in as a “walk-in” patient and will be seen on a timely basis. For more information about appointments, please feel free to call our office Monday through Friday from 10:00am until 5:00pm.


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We Provide Immigration Physicals


We Provide Immigration Physicals Most applicants for adjustment of status are required to have a medical examination. The medical examination must be conducted by a civil surgeon who has been designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. We welcome USCIS patients and will do our best to...

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Flu Shots


Flu Shots

Flu Shots are now available on a walk-in basis.Stop by Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  We carry the Trivalent (3 strains), Quadrivalent (4 strains), Preservative Free, and High dose (65 years and older).

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DOT Physicals


DOT Physicals are now availble by appointment with our certified medical examiner! Call now for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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